The Nine Through Ten Capacity Tzimisce Vampires

John Paleologus | Stravinsky | Szechenyi Jolán, Mother of Horrors | Velya, The Flayer | Cyscek | Lambach | Lambach (Advanced)

John Paleologus

Sabbat Archbishop of Istanbul: During your untap phase, if John is ready, he may burn 2 blood to cause your prey to burn 1 pool.

Group: 3


Sabbat Archbishop of Mexico City: Stravinsky gets an additional +1 bleed when bleeding a Methuselah who controls a younger ready Tzimisce. +1 bleed.

Group: 2

Szechenyi Jolán, Mother of Horrors

Sabbat bishop: When Jolán successfully performs an employ retainer or recruit ally action, she untaps at the end of the turn.

Group: 3

Velya, The Flayer

Sabbat Cardinal: Once each combat, you may discard a card that requires Auspex to give Velya a press.

Group: 3


Sabbat: When any Methuselah plays a Gehenna card while Cyscek is ready, that Methuselah burns 1 pool, and you gain the edge. +1 stealth.

Group: 4


Sabbat Cardinal: Once each combat, Lambach may burn 1 blood to make the damage from his hand strikes aggravated for the current round. +1 strength.

Group: 2

Lambach (Advanced)

Idependent: Lambach has 2 votes. He can equip with an Eye of Hazimel at no cost from your library as a +1 stealth action (shuffle afterward).
He untaps when he successfully performs an action to put a vampire in play.

Group: 2

The Other Tzimisce Vampires

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