Action and Action Modifier Cards

Haven Affinity | Library Hunting Ground | The Path of Metamorphosis | Vicissitude

Haven Affinity

Unique Master.

Put this card on a Tzimisce. When this Tzimisce blocks, he or she may play combat cards in the resulting combat as if all of his or her Disciplines were at the superior level.

Library Hunting Ground

Master: unique location.

During your untap phase, a ready vampire you control gains 1 blood from the blood bank. A vampire can only gain 1 blood from Hunting Ground cards each turn.

Path of Metamorphosis, The

Unique Master.

Put this card in play. Tzimisce burn one less blood when playing cards that require Vicissitude. Any minion may burn this card as a (D) action; if that minion is a vampire, he or she takes one damage (damage not preventable) when this card is burned.


Master: Discipline.

Put this card on a vampire. This vampire has Vicissitude; if the vampire already had Vicissitude, he or she now has superior Vicissitude. Capacity increases by 1: the vampire is one generation older. Cannot be played on a vampire with superior Vicissitude.

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