Equipment Cards

Femur of Toomler | Living Manse | Weirding Stone

Femur of Toomler

Unique melee weapon.

Strength +1 aggravated damage each strike.

It was with this bone that we destroyed one of the founders of the Tremere, so I suggest that you treat it with a little more respect.
- Meshenka, Sabbat Priscus of the Clan Tzimisce

Living Manse

This equipment card represents a location and does not count as an equipment card while it is in play. The vampire with this location gets +1 bleed. He or she can burn this card before range is determined to end combat. A vampire may have only one Living Manse.

Weirding Stone


During any Methuselah's untap phase, you may look at the top card of that Methuselah's library. If that card is a master card, this vampire may burn 1 blood to burn that card.

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