Combat Cards

Inner Essence | Kraken's Kiss | Meld with the Land | Skin Trap

Inner Essence

Play before range is determined.

Once this combat, this vampire can reduce the cost to play a combat card by one blood. A vampire can play only one Inner Essence each combat.

As above, and gain a blood.

Kraken's Kiss

Strike: strength+1 ranged damage. If this striking minion takes more than 3 damage this combat, he or she goes to torpor.

As above, with an optional press, only usable to continue combat, and once each round for the remainder of combat, this vampire may strike to steal two blood at close or long range. | Rulings

Meld with the Land

Strike: combat ends and untap the opposing minion.

Strike: combat ends. | Rulings

Skin Trap

Play before range is determined.

Opposing minion may not dodge this round. A vampire can play only one Skin Trap each round.

As above, and opposing minion cannot strike at all this round unless he or she burns one blood immediately.

The Other Vicissitude Combat Cards

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