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Blood of Acid

Only usable at close range before strikes are chosen. During each strike resolution this round, the opposing minion takes an amount of damage equal to the damage he or she successfully inflicts. A vampire may play only one Blood of Acid each round.

As above, but the damage is aggravated.

"You think I look bad? You should see the other guy."
- Joe, Clan Tzimisce


Strike: combat ends, only usable when in combat with an ally.

Play before range is chosen. This vampire is immune to non-aggravated damage for the current round. This vampire cannot strike this round. This vampire gets an optional press, usable only to end combat.

Body Arsenal

For the remainder of this round, damage from this vampire's hand strikes is aggravated.

As above, and this vampire gets +1 strength for the remainder of this combat.

"The most important weapons are not those you carry."
- Anton, Clan Tzimisce


Strike: 1 damage. Put this card on the opposing minion. The minion with this card has -1 strength. (This does not affect the current Strike Resolution step.) He or she may burn this card by paying 2 blood as a +1 stealth action.

As above, but the minion with this card has -2 strength.

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