Ally and Retainer Cards

Guardian Ghoul | War Ghoul | Corpse Balloon | Revenant

Guardian Ghoul

Ghoul with 1 life. 1 strength, 0 bleed.

If a card controlled by another Methuselah burns a location you control, you may burn Guardian Ghoul instead.

War Ghoul

Ghoul with 5 life. 4 strength, 0 bleed.

When War Ghoul comes into play, burn an ally or retainer you control. She can enter combat with any vampire controlled by another Methusela as a (D) action. She may prevent 1 damage each round. Tap and burn War Ghoul to burn any location; you cannot use this ability during combat. | Ruling

Corpse Balloon

Ghoul with 1 life.

If the minion with this retainer blocks a (D) action, he or she gets an optional maneuver on the first round of the resulting combat.

As above, and this minion gets +1 intercept against (D) actions.


Ghoul with 2 life.

The minion with this retainer gets +1 intercept.

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