Action Modifier Cards

Changeling | Lobotomy | Loose Cannon | Malleable Visage


+1 bleed; after playing this card, you cannot play another action modifier to further increase the bleed for this action.

+1 stealth.


Only usable when recruiting an ally.

If the action is successful, put this card on the ally and tap the ally. Actions that require Dominate or Presence do not affect this ally. This ally has -1 bleed and cannot use maneuvers.

As above, but the ally is not tapped.

Loose Cannon

Requires a ready anarch. Only usable as the action is announced. If this action is blocked, apply the following effect (before combat occurs).

This acting vampire's hand damage is aggravated in the resulting combat.

Malleable Visage

Usable when an ally you control is blocked, before combat begins. Only usable by an untapped vampire. The combat is canceled; untap the acting minion and tap this modifying vampire. This vampire enters combat with the blocking minion.

As above, but usable when a vampire you control is blocked. | Rulings: 1, 2, 3

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