Action and Action Modifier Cards

Bauble | Gear Up | Root of Vitality


+1 stealth action.

Put this card on the acting vampire. Search through your library and put a non-unique, non-location equipment card on another minion you control. Do not pay the cost to equip. The vampire with this card cannot attempt actions, block or vote. You may burn this card and the chosen equipment card during your untap phase or when the vampire with the chosen equipment leaves the controlled region.

As above, but you may burn this card and the chosen equipment at any time.

Gear Up

+1 stealth action. Requires a ready anarch. If successful, untap this anarch.

This anarch gets +1 strength until your next untap phase.

Root of Vitality

+1 stealth action.

Rescue a vampire from torpor (this action costs 2 less blood than the normal rescue action)

Move 1 life counter from the blood bank to any ally who has fewer life than his or her starting amount

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